Every Costco in the US is a big deal

Costco IG post

Simply Better Brands announced this week that they are in every Costco Nationally. This is a big milestone and one I don’t think is fully being appreciated in the SBBC share price yet.

They also announced prelim Q1 revs of $24.8M which also did not generate a lot of new interest.

The markets wants to see the detailed financials, get a sense of their debt load and see where they used the PP money and that is fair given the history of this company in b*tch slapping investors with bad news out of the blue.

The good news is Clarus continues to support the stock and have been slowly moving up their large bids. Insiders are most likely blacked out until fins are released so we may see them reappear in a big way once those numbers get out.

Overall, the TruBar growth is phenomenal and will be a company maker. The company still has a lot of hair on it and it is going to take some time for the market to trust them again, but things are moving in the right direction.

Q4 numbers should be out in 2 weeks time. Until then, happy trails on your quest for the next 10 bagger